A new concept of workstation.


Pure and simple lines, which solves all the demands of the current forms of work.

Based on the pure architecture of its forms, the KU range combines the lightness of its wings, intersections and new materials, with the solidity of its support pedestal. This is where the working surface emerges and where all the electrical mechanisms are housed under a simple system of sliding covers, facilitating the incorporation of a number of accessories and complements. Basically, it is a step towards the technological future through a clean and constructive image.

All electrification needs are integrated with easy access, in a desk whose emphatic and clear volumes provide a lesson in refined geometry with studied details and finishes.

The philosophy of “less is more”: shared feet and finishes that create elegant two-coloured combinations.

Compositions with clean volumes that improve communication in the workplace without sacrificing personal space.

A number of options for increasing the number of workstations and adapting to new personnel through a linear arrangement reflect the flexibility of the range.

Compositions that show the many and varied options of the program and its complements to solve problems of space.


A step towards the technological future with a clean and constructive image.

Shared work pools to improve communication, with the option of personalising each workstation, with its different complements, and a clean image for the computer network.

Multiple formal configurations and colour combinations to create a variety of work areas.

Combination of solids and planes for combinations with a marked personality that integrate into the architecture by ordering the space.

A variety of sizes in all the finishes of the range for work desks and meeting tables that allow the connection of portable terminals through the Top Access system.

Light, compact and clean. Curves also have their place in KU.

Supports and intersections create a clean and spacious reception area.

Bookshelves and complements that combine volume and colour in a clear reference to avant-garde art and constructivism.

Technical Information

Technical characteristics

• Work planes: desktop in melamine faced chipboard of 30mm thickness with 2 mm ABS edging. Available in a rage of finishes.
• Support: Panel leg, exclusive design composed of a metal part and another in melamine 30mm thickness with 2mm ABS edging. The metal part is made using 1,5mm cold-rolled steel plate folded to achieve the shape. It is finished with epoxy paint, after receiving a cleaning, phosphate and anticorrosion treatment. Available in a rage of finishes.
• Crossbars: are made using 1,5mm cold-rolled steel plate folded to achieve the shape. The design of the central part of the crossbar is designed for possible use of the crossbar for cable management and the attachment of panels, trays, etc.
• Mobile and support pedestals: carcass covers & drawers in melamine faced chipboard of 19mm thickness. Floor levellers on the bases for fixed pedestals and wheels for mobile pedestals. The drawers are metallic. The metal glides are sliding with ball-bearing system, and are hidden within the structure of the drawers. Integrated anti-tilt system for mobile pedestals. Removable lock with master key option available. Integrated handles on both sides of the drawers. Available in a range of finishes.
• Cabling & wiring solutions.

  • Top access (Task desk and bench) system comprising a metal flap with hidden hinges and opening for frontal cabling.
  • Top access (Meeting desk) system comprising a melamine flap and opening for side cabling.
  • C Electricity pedestal: removable back on the posterior part for cabling and the possibility of attachment to plug socket.
  • Bench and Meeting desk: the routing of the wiring is carried out by the technical foot, by means of a removable panel, allowing the integration of the cables and the boxes.

• Screen: in various materials, melamine, lacquered or upholstered.
• Metal tray: made from 1mm cold-rolled Steel plate finished in epoxy paint. Designed for cabling conduction and management. In pool support over the crossbars and on operative tables attached.
• Modesty panel: in melamine faced chipboard of 19mm thickness with 1 mm ABS edging.
• CPU support: of exclusive design made with profiles and steel sheets of different sizes. Fastening to crossbar. Epoxy finish.
• Library.

  • Back and Shelves: in melamine of 30mm thickness with 2 mm ABS edging.
  • Lateral: in melamine of 12mm thickness with 2 mm ABS edging.
  • Accessories: in melamine of 30mm thickness with 1 mm ABS edging. Doors and
    fronts in MDF lacquered of 19mm thickness. Integrated handles on both sides.

Finishes Melamine

Melamine Walnut

Melamine Oak

Melamine Teka

Melamine White

Melamine Graphite



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