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idea creation aesthetic function

Creating innovative aesthetics for each product, for each project, with the most demanding levels of functionality and ergonomics has always been the great bet of BN3. They have made BN3 a clear benchmark in the market. The joint work of its technical design team and the permanent collaboration with frontline designers and architects, makes the company can offer the most advanced trends on an ongoing basis


traditional nature of office furniture

We are dedicated to maintaining the traditional character of office furniture with the best and most advanced technology, design and production most innovative.Values and media have allowed him to become one of the reference firms in product creation and project development at an international level, managing to work with the best architects and designers.


Quality Environmental Satisfaction

Our commitment to sustainability is articulated around the areas of economic, environmental and social action. To develop this vision we work with all stakeholders in the organization. As part of this commitment, the company has an integrated management system. In the following link you can download the management policy of the organization.


Customers need future growth solutions

We and their capacity are reflected in the rich group of national and international clients. The great commitment of the future is to continue to respond to your trust facing the commitment to continue offering intelligent and creative solutions in each product, developing each project for each client and clearly betting on a creative and advanced design.


Service answer solution flexibility adaptation

Our goal is to get the best results for its customers, so it offers a personalized service with constant attention and advice.

The company has the best professionals focused on each project, advanced means of production and distribution that, together with response values and flexibility, guarantee the maximum satisfaction of its customers in record time.

Creativity and aesthetics must be combined with appropriate product developments that allow an unbeatable result.

We have a technical engineering and R&D&I team that perform a continuous research work that seeks to optimize the technical solutions to the maximum, simplify production processes and make a factory able to adapt to each project.

The best result is achieved with a product that offers the maximum guarantees.

The quality control department is responsible for rigorously supervising the entire manufacturing process combining precision, detail.

Technological advances and a trained staff have achieved a leading company in their sector, able to successfully address the largest facilities in record time and continue to care for each of its customers.

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